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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

CHAPTER 1 - important definition

Physical Quantities
Quanties that can be measured

Base Quantity
a physical quantity that cannot be defined in terms of other physical quantities.

Derived Quantity
a physical quantity which is obtained by combining base quantities by multiplication, division or both multiplication and division.

Scalar Quantity
Physical quantities which only have magnitude only

Vector Quantity
Physical quantities which have magnitude and direction

Accuracy  of a measurement is how close the value of a measurement
        to the actual value.

.     Accuracy can be improved by  : -

            (a)   repeated readings are taken and the average value is calculated 
            (b)   avoid parallax errors
            (c)   avoid zero errors
            (d)   use measuring instruments with a higher accuracy.

Consistency / Precision of an instrument is the ability of the instrument
        to measure a quantity with little or no deviation among measurements.

Sensitivity of an instrument is its ability to detect a small change in the
    quantity to be measured.

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